March 2011 Private Residence Wedding

In February we were contacted by a lovely bride who received our information from her photographer, Mindy Bean. She was planning an intimate wedding at a private estate that her and her family were also staying at for the week. When we met for our initial consultation she brought with her her bridal attire for inspiration. She wore a sage dress with a multi colored shawl so we pulled colors from her shawl to translate into floral beauty. Everyone had come in from Montana and were enjoying the nice desert warmth so we include accents of succulents into the floral aspects.
Large floral arrangements were delivered earlier in the week for the family to enjoy through out their time in town. On the day of the wedding we freshened up the arrangements and they were moved outside to the fountain area to double as ceremony decor.

The bride loved the idea of custom pillows for her two ring bears so we created two moss pillows accented with succulents and blooms of ranunculus. One carried an orange pillow and the other a purple inspired by the colors we used for the bridal bouquet.

With the intimacy for the ceremony the couple wanted everyone to feel like they were included. We created an “Adorn Yourself” display where guests could grab a bloom to wear where ever they pleased.

Doesn’t the bridal bouquet of purples and greens look stunning with the bride’s attire? The succulents tucked into the design give a fun texture to this beautiful bouquet.

Thank you Mindy for the beautiful pictures and the wonderful referral.

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