Studio Warming Party. Part 2

I couldn’t have been more excited when I received these images from Jessie Dawson of Artistic Imaging. It was so great to relive the night and see what a good time everyone was having. Thank you one more time to everyone who came by that night, you truly helped break in the new space.

We were fortunate enough to have the very talented Dave Ritz preform for the evening. If you are looking for someone for your wedding or event this is the guy to call.

These next two pictures mean quiet a bit to me. The first one is of myself and my mom who I can not express enough how much I appreciate. She not has been a world of help during countless weddings and events but the biggest supporter of my dreams. I truly could not do this without her. Thank you mom I love you.
The second picture is of myself and Cymbra Fraizer. Cymbra will gladly tell you all about a night herself, my mom and I went to Archi’s Thai Bistro (my traditional after wedding set up dinner spot) one night after she learned all what it is like to be a wedding floral designer. That night truly put the wheels in motion of me stepping out in faith and starting my own business. Yes there was some nagging, yelling and tears over some Pad Thai but it was still a great night.  Thank you for everything Cymbra I love you.

It truly was a wonderful way to start off this wonderful new venture.  

2 thoughts on “Studio Warming Party. Part 2

  1. Look how beautiful and smiling everyone is! A sign of a truly great party with great people. So happy for you and proud of everything you've accomplished!

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