One Bouquet Many Stories

A couple of weeks ago Adam Fraizer and his wife, The Lovely Cymbra, and I decided to do something a little different. We wanted to get out and talk to people, talk about weddings, talk about flowers, talk about love and talk about photography. So we headed out to stand in front of the Harry Winston Store (because I could drool over those diamonds all day) at The Forum Shops with camera and bouquet in hand to see what people had to say.
As we headed into the Forum Shops a man was approaching us asking if we would like to do something or another and as we walked by Adam made the comment of how much he would hate to have to stand there all day and try to approach people as they zoom past you. I don’t think at that point it had dawned on us yet that that was the exact same thing we were about to do. By the time we were done all 3 of us felt even more remorse for the man we walked past on our way in.
The first girls we approached looked like they would be willing to talk with us, so we asked them what would be the most important part a wedding to them. They were both so sweet and replied with good food, lots of beer, handsome men, and getting married on the beach barefoot.
Next we talked with Ron and Lynn who were in Vegas celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary. When they were married Lynn said she carried a presentation bouquet of various colored Gladiolas. If they were to do it all over again they both agreed that they would keep it small and intimate making sure to have the most important people in their lives in attendance. Happy 40th Ron and Lynn!
This family was stopping in town from London on their way to Hawaii to renew their vows for their 10th Wedding Anniversary. Both of the couple’s nieces said that to them when they get married the dresses would be the most important aspect of the wedding.
Our tactic became to start talking to the people who were sitting on the fountain next to us, that seemed to work out well. This couple was not married but had been in marriage before. When we asked her what she always thinks about when she thinks of her wedding she said that her fondest memories are of the officiant and the words that were spoken. Than we spoke with her daughter and her best friend and both of them said that when they are old enough to get married they just want all their friends to be there and have a great party.
She was super excited to hold the bouquet.
We asked these girls what would be the most important financial commitment to them for their wedding. One of them said the bar and the other said the DJ. I’m pretty sure they were just ready to party that night.
This couple from Holland actually approached us. He asked Adam if he would take a picture of them, and than proceeded to give Adam a little lesson in photography. So we took the opportunity to ask them what they would pay the most money for if they were to get married, they said entertainment.
Amy and Paul are from Canada and were just married in January. Paul had proposed to Amy in front of the Bellagio fountains a year before they were married so they visit Las Vegas frequently. They said that when they were planning the wedding the venue was very important to them because they wanted it to reflect their personalities. It was an old hotel in the town they were both from. If they could do it all over again Amy expressed they would have put more focus on getting a DJ they mixed with. Apparently the DJ the venue hired for them felt like they were a Rasta kind of couple.
Talking with this guys was kind of funny. He was another one who came up to us but this time we was asking if he could buy the flowers that we had with us. Him and his girlfriend that he was getting ready to propose to that night were fighting and he was looking for a way to make things better. We didn’t sell him the flowers but we did ask him what he would put extra attention to for his wedding and he said the Officiant.
This lady has been married now for 46 years and gave us the advice of “Get married and live happily forever” She was very sweet.
This couple was another Newly Wed couple so we asked what they spent the most on. For them the Honeymoon was very important, they went to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand.
This gentleman was so nice (and single, ladies). He shared with us that when he was engaged before his thing was the Honeymoon.
Something interesting we noticed after talking with these two was that they were the first ones to say that they would spend the most on photography. After it is all said and done the only thing you really have from that day is your pictures, so I totally agree with them about the photography being important and finding a photographer you trust who understands your vision.
 On our way to leave I spotted a friendly face working in the Sony Store. This is my friend Will, him and his girlfriend Sunny have been dating for years and I am looking forward to the day I get to design something beautiful for their wedding (hint hint Will). He said that when he is ready to get married he is going to make sure his love has a beautiful ring and that the venue reflects them and their style to all of their friends and family in attendance.
Standing there trying to talk to people who really wanted nothing to do with us was grooling work so we felt appropriate to reward ourselves with some fantastic Thai food. Good food and great company washes away all of your woes.
Thank you Adam and Cymbra for coming out with me and taking pictures. You can check out more of Adam’s photography at or his blog at

2 thoughts on “One Bouquet Many Stories

  1. Hint taken haha :DI'd have to agree with the couple who said photography would be important. I didnt even think of it at first, but great pictures of your wedding are a must have.

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