Creative Freedom

Well time has managed to escape us again without writing a blog post. Not that I had forgotten but I was waiting to get some pictures back from one of the many many projects we have been working on. 2010 is turning into an amazing year for us at Weeds and we are so excited about all of our clients, projects, and crayness we have going. Of course we couldn’t do it without the support of our friends who refer us, so for that we thank you.

Towards the end of February I received a call from Amy Campbell of Amy Rae Photography in Minnesota. Naturally I was excited because my mom’s family is all in MN so we used to go to visit once a year. Amy was trying to find a florist for a photo shoot she was styling while she was in town for WPPI and had another friend styling a shoot for the day before, Laura Ivanova. So the girls sent over style boards and threw out a few key terms but really let me have creative freedom. I LOVE when people allow me to really create for them. When you tell an artist to really use their passion and their eye for something I can almost guarantee they will design more than what you could have imagined. So I was on board and super excited.
First was Laura’s shoot out in Nelson, NV. Laura was looking for “something vintage and rustic, with color, but in muted tones” I think we hit the nail on the head.

The next day we changed things up for Amy’s shoot at the beautiful Parhump Valley Winery. Amy was looking for something green and white but really didn’t have any other specifics so we tried to play off of the location. We used Parrot Tulips, White Sweet Pea, Viburnum, and Lisianthus than accented it with raffia loops, all tied off with burlap and a little porcelain rose. Swoon.

Thank you ladies for including us in your projects. We are still drooling over all of your pictures.

One thought on “Creative Freedom

  1. hi catherine!!! I SO SO SO loved working with you!!! The shoot wouldn't have been what is was without your help! You are very gifted and I wish we could work together more! Good luck with everything, Amy

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