Mad Hatter Madness

Meet Eva. Eva is a friend of mine from High School who I recently tortured. Why and How you’re are probably asking yourself. Well… Back in October I was laying in bed one night unable to sleep because I had this idea for a photo shoot. How awesome would it be to set up an elaborate table in the middle of no where and take a bunch of pictures of it?!?! So as I continued to brainstorm that night the theme of the shoot was born. “Mad Hatter”

With the new Allison in Wonderland movie coming out, it was perfect. The first person to know about this grand scheme was my dear friend Karli, who people in the Las Vegas Wedding Industry know as the Perfect Wedding Guide Rep. She is one of my favorite people to talk to about projects because she gets excited with me. It’s fun.

One thing we knew was that great people had to be involved.

After few phone calls and lots of planning, the date was set for November 5th, the vendors were in place and it was time to enlist a model. That’s where Eva comes in. We knew we needed someone who was beautiful, edgy, lots of fun and willing to take the day of from work to roll around in dirt. So we bribed Eva and her fiance Mike with a free engagement shoot by Imagine Photography to come out to the dry lake bed with us for this concept shoot.

You wouldn’t know it from some of the pictures but this day was awful. When we arrived on site it was dead still, no wind, a perfect day. Literally as we were unloading and setting up the worst wind storm since 1792 hit! Allyson and Monet from the Las Vegas Style sirens arrived shortly after the wind started and attempted to do what was quickly becoming the impossible, makeover Eva in a dust storm. We had false eyelashes flying everywhere, makeup turning into mud and hair becoming gray with fine dirt.

The Girls from Gimme Some Sugar put together a beautiful dummy cake for the shoot which didn’t take us long to end up breaking (sorry guys!). As we are all huddled behind cars seeking a little shelter from the wind, I’m hot gluing back together the cake, Allyson and Monet are working on Eva and the guys are kicking back enjoying a muddy beer. Good Times…

The bridal bouquet I designed consisted on black callas, dark purple ranunculus, freedom roses, and lavender tulips. We accented with a bit of bling on the handle treatment to really make it pop.

We were out at the dry lake beds in 1000 mile winds all day long. Poor Eva was freezing in the strapless dress and completely covered in dirt. She looked so amazing and I can’t imagine having anyone besides her and Mike out there all day with us.

Thank you Eva.

And Thank You to all of the vendors who helped make my vision come to life. It was such a great learning experience and such a fun project.

Photography – Imagine Photography

Hair and Makeup – The Las Vegas Style Sirens

Cake – Gimme Some Sugar

This shoot has been featured on and recently seen in the Spectacular Wedding Planner by Bridal Spectacular.

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