Would Your Child Self Be Happy?

When you were a kid what did you want to do?

Are you the person who you thought you would grow up to be?
What would your child self say about the person you’ve become?
During this last week I had a conversation with my mom about growing up, about the direction I am heading with in life, about where Weeds is going. One question I had is if I could ask myself as a child what she thought about me now what would she say? My mom’s answer, “She would be so thrilled. You were always wanting to create something and be making things”. My mom likes to tell everyone about how I was so girly growing up and strong willed. At the age of 3 if my mom put pants on me I would go in my room, crawl in the dresser to find a skirt and panties with ruffles on the butt and change myself. By 4 I was insisting that I did my own hair and that I needed to get my ears pierced right away. All growing up I loved crafts, coloring and making things pretty.

Everyday I get to come to work and create, I get to help make brides dreams come true. I have the ultimate girly job that I truly love doing, I am passionate about it and wouldn’t change it for the world. There are those days when the flower order didn’t come in just right or nothing wants to come together as planned but those are few and far between. We are fortunate to get to witness monumental events in others lives and share in their joys, excitement and emotions.
When booking your wedding with Weeds, you’re not just hiring someone to show up with flowers on the day of your wedding and leave to never see them again. I like to say we are more like your “Floral Concierges”, fancy sounding right? From the time of the first consultation through the event you are welcome to call us anytime. Even if it isn’t floral related we are more than happy to try to help in the best way possible. It’s your big day, you deserve to be treated special and not just another stop on the delivery route for the day. The trick to our design techniques isn’t a secret, we listen to what people want, we put our heart into everything we produce and we genuinely care about the people who will be receiving our flowers.
I have big dreams for this company and I am willing to put to work in to get to that point. One day we will be sought after, celebrities will be asking if they can fly us to exotic locations to adorn their weddings with florals. Colin Cowie, Preston Bailey, Mindy Weiss, they all had to start some where. Welcome to our beginning, will you be part of our journey?

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