Bridal Expo Mayhem

Well folks its said and done, thank goodness. The Las Vegas Bridal Expo at Mandalay Bay was this last Sunday and I am pretty sure it was the longest busiest Sunday that has ever happened. Although I’ve yet to hear in the news that it did in fact last longer than its allotted 24 hours. Planning for the Expo was so unlike us. A few days prior to all we knew was that we were hauling in our real grass (because we insist that AstroTurf just is not good enough for us) and that was about all we knew. We started with the idea of doing an awesome black and white linen and accenting it with monochromatic floral. Poor Mary Anne Riley from Wildflower Linen received about 500 phone calls from us on Thursday trying to arrange to get things overnighted to us from L.A. Well about an hour before the linens arrived we had tossed that idea out of the window and decided to use our vintage door for inspiration on a “Shabby Chic” vibe for the booth. Maybe it was because it was Friday and the show was Sunday or because this idea was very us or possibly because we were resorting back to our original thoughts we ran with it. Saturday was spent running all over trying to get our flowers together, making multiple trips to Mandalay Bay, and hours in the studio creating masterpieces. Last minute planning seemed to pay off well for us.

We felt like we had a pretty steady flow of people through the booth all day and completely ran out of business cards and handouts about 2:00. We had ordered a ton of different kinds of handouts from VistaPrint and due to some storm they didn’t arrive until the day AFTER the show, talk about a day late and a dollar short. Huge thanks to Artistic Imaging, Kris Thompson and Office Depot for helping us put something together last minute.

These 3 pieces seemed to be pretty popular. Thank goodness because we had to import special bonding agents from the alps of Switzerland to achieve this look… Ok well not really but we can’t give away our secrets.

You know you’ve made it big time when models like this beauty will take pictures with your product. I don’t think I could love this picture anymore than I do.

Another big thank you to Adam Frazier from Artistic Imaging for taking pictures of our booth and providing us with a beautiful print to display.

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