A Lovely Lady From Dublin

January 20th, 2009 I received my first email from an excited bride all the way from Dublin. She was looking forward to her fall wedding at the Four Seasons and was trying to figure out exactly what she wanted to do with the “look” of her event. After countless emails back and fourth discussing vibrant colors and ruffly, fluffy blooms we were finally able to come up with a game plan sure to please the fun group of party goers from all over the world. The bride even provided Mexican Wrestling Masks for the photo booth and had Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake.

The wedding quickly came and went. Fast forward 2 months and this morning we received an email from the bride thanking us. “The job you did was phenomenal. Honestly, my mind was blown. I was so indecisive and changed my mind so many times during the planning. And I had so many ideas, I just didn’t even expect it to all come together so perfectly, but the look you came up with, the colors, the types of flowers, the arrangements – wow. I just don’t even know what to say about it all! I get emotional! I wish I could have frozen them all and taken them home with me to keep forever. (I do have a few blooms pressed into picture frames!)” Feedback like this makes truly is heart warming.
Thank you Susie for making my day and for being such a wonderful person to work with. You were truly a pleasure and looked stunning on your wedding day.

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